Olivet School of Agriculture

Olivet School of Agriculture (OSAg)

Olivet School of Agriculture seeks to contribute to world missions through raising agricultural ministers; promoting clean food through sustainable farming; and thus looking for the opportunity to provide the lifeblood to many communities around the world. Its students will be enabled to catch opportunities to live out Christian stewardship while working the land and innovating techniques and technology.

Bachelor of Science In Agriculture

The Bachelor of Science in Agricultural Science will prepare its graduates to be agricultural missionaries in societies around the world that will improve the quality of life by making locally grown food available; leading people to live a Christian lifestyle; plus simultaneously developing rural infrastructures.

Program Goals

In the context of Olivet University’s mission, completion of the Bachelor of Science in Architecture program will enable students to:

  • Graduates will learn basic knowledge and experience agricultural skills that are essential to teach life-long food production and preservation abilities in distressed societies around the world.
  • Graduates will be competent in teaching basic knowledge and performing management skills in the animal sciences (beef, goats, sheep, swine, poultry, horses. animal diseases), agronomic sciences (field crops, soils), horticultural sciences (fruits and vegetables, plant diseases, apiculture, entomology), aquaculture and marketing.
  • Graduates will possess capability to help needy people help themselves by entering into stressed environments with their knowledge, skills, experience, ingenuity, creativity and resourcefulness to resolve agricultural issues using locally available resources, skills and knowledge.
  • Olivet University alumni will be unique whereby they can teach a holistic approach to helping people help themselves by marrying religious knowledge into the development and performance of agricultural capabilities. Expertise in “the agricultural sciences” will serve as the basis for improved mutual support between Olivet University and its associated ministries.